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Pudukkottai was organised as a separate district on 14th January comprising the Pudukkottai division of Tiruchirappalli district with some additions from Tanjore district at present this district is composed of 763 Revenue villages. The area of the district is 4644 area sq.kms. The population of the district is 16, 18, 345.

List of Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites

The destination has developed as main Jain pilgrimage center during the 7th and 9th century. It is famous for rock cut caves dating from the 1st century. One of these popular caves is Sittanavasal Caves. These caves are also known as Arivar Koil and were settled by Jains in the 2nd century. These complexes of Jain caves are located on the western edge of the hill. You will have to move few steps to reach the caves. Sittanavasal caves are maintained by Archaeological Survey of India. These rock cut structures have fine architectural features. The entire complex is plastered and painted displaying the ancient artifacts.

The best known inscription at Sittanavasal in the reigh of Srimara Srivallabha (851-861)AD. Sittanavasal is probably derived from Sanskrit words ‘Siddhanam’ + ‘vasah’ which means ‘abode of siddhas’. However K R Srinivasan states that Sittanavasal is a Tamil name and was in use during the Sangam period. Sittanavasal or Chittanavasal translates into ‘the abode of great saints’ and is known for its rock-cut architecture and gorgeous fresco paintings. Sittanavasal that it is now under the control of the Archaeological Survey of India. The geographical area of Sittanavasal encompasses 70 meters high, which houses several Jain cave monasteries.

The ancestors of the Pudukkottai rulling line of Thondaiamans are migrants from Tirupathi region in the Thondaimandalam. The Thondaimans belonge ti Indravamsa and the first ruler was Pachaithondaiman with the favour of venkata Raya III Ragunatha Raya Thondaiman became the ruler of Pudukkottai. Vijaya Ragunatha raya thondaiman 91730-1769)AD was the second line of thondaimans helped the English and the Nawab.Ragunatha thondaiman (1825-1889)AD was conferred with the title “His Excellency” by the british government.Ragunatha thondaiman was succeeded by his ramachandra thondaiman(1839-1886) .An administrator Seshaia sastri arrived at the scene as Dewan in 1878 and carried out many reforms. The towering administrative building in red brick colour in Pudukkottai was constructed under the supervision of the Seshaiah sastri. The Pudukkulam the “Big Lake”in the town was another creation of Sesaiah sastri. Raja Rajagopala thondaiman (1928-1948) the last and ninth in the line of Thondaiman rulers.


The Pudukkottai district co-operative milk supply union has been registered on 19.08.1963 under the Tamil Nadu Co-operative Societies Act and started functioning on 13.11.1963. The supply union was converted into Producer’s union as “MM.296, Pudukkottai District Co-operative Milk Producer’s Union Ltd.,” on 29.09.1982 and affiliated with Tamil Nadu Co-operative Milk Producers Federation Ltd., . It is a district level union. Its area of operation is in Pudukkottai district.

Objectives of the union

  • Procurement of milk from primary milk co operative societies in the district.
  • To ensure the supply of good quality milk and milk product to the consumer.
  • Primary milk co-operative societies will avail the supply of cattle feed, mineral mixture, fodder seed, etc., for improve the quality of milk, and to increase the milk production.
  • To provide doorstep veterinary services, artificial insemination, and Insurance health cover to cattle’s of the milk pouring members in rural areas.
  • To increase the sales of liquid milk and milk product sales in Pudukkottai District.
  • To organize dairy co operative societies in the remote villages to safeguard the milk producers from the exploitation of the private traders.

Functions of the union

  • Formation of new primary milk co operative societies in Pudukkottai district.
  • Formation of new milk collection routes to procure milk from the members of the societies.
  • The Milk procured from Primary milk co operative societies are processed and packed in sachets and sent for sale to the consumer in our district.
  • We assist society members by the way of subsidy in the Supply of cattle feed , mineral mixture, fodder seed, etc.
  • We Provide door step veterinary services and emergency services to the milch animals of Society members.
  • We provide milk cans, milk analyser, LN2 containers, books and forms to the Primary milk co-operative societies.
  • Supply of quality milk to metro dairies.
  • Identification of potential places in the Pudukkottai district to reach the quality and quantity of milk and milk products and get them to consumers.
  • Necessary steps are taken to Increase the sachet milk sales in our district by innovative promotional activities.
  • Marketing facilities are provided to the registered dealers to increase the milk sales.
  • New distribution routes are formed to supply quality milk and milk products to the consumers at reasonable price.